Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Top 10 Male

10. Matthew Mconaughey: I think it's the smirk of a smile that gets me. And why do people keep complaining that he always has his shirt off? This is a good thing, people! Sure, he can get a little scruffy at times but he cleans up nice and that's what matters.

9. Jude Law: Who doesn't love a man with an accent? I think I was won over after I saw the Holiday. He proved a man could be sensitive without being a sissy.

8. My crush on Andy Roddick began a while ago. He got double points for being a stud athlete and triple points when I read in an article that his celebrity crush was Gabrielle Union. It gave me hope! But then I saw him a few months ago in New York and he was intoxicated and all over the "other" models so his stock dropped just a bit.

7. Adrian Grenier: This past summer I got hooked on Entourage and subsequently hooked on Adrian. He has a coolness about him that just works. And those eyes...

6. Brad Pitt: I almost left Brad off the list because he's gotten so much attention over the years that he's almost a bit played out. But then I thought...what's a sexy white guy list without Brad??? So here he is, and you must admit he does hold his own.

5. Prison Break guy(wenstell or something): I have never watched a single episode of Prison Break which makes it even more significant that this man came to my mind still. He's hot. And covered in tattoos he's even hotter.
EDIT: It turns out mr. prison break is just as much white as I am...and just as much black. However I am leaving him up because he looks white and regardless, he's cute whether he's white or black or whatever. I will however, put up a replacement that is the following...

#5. Jason Lewis: . In light of the startling information that the above yumminess doesn't actually belong on this particular list, I am editing my post to include this new bit of eye candy that previously escaped my memory but who I wholeheartedly agree should be here. Samantha sure hit the jackpot with this one.

4. Justin Timberlake: You might have been a little weary being a J.T. fan back in the days of N'sync, but now it is totally acceptable. What is sexier than a sexy guy that sings? He said it first--I'm bringing sexy back. Yes, Justin. Yes you are.

3. Gabriel Aubrey: Halle new exactly what she was doing. If that kid doesn't surpass all categories of beauty that exist it will shock the world. Many thanks to Halle for putting him on the radar, but I also must say that I believe he's even cuter because she's on his arm. P.S. Doesn't it look like him and Jason Lewis could be brothers?

2. David Beckham: I can still remember the day I was introduced to the Becks. I watched the movie Bend it like Beckham and I was instantly hooked. Not only is he an amazing athlete, he is amazingly good looking and that makes for one AMAZING combination. Once he came to the Galaxy I made sure to attend my first soccer game ever.

1. Channing Tatum a.k.a. my future husband: I am convinced that I will see every sequel there could possibly be to the movie Step Up because of this man. Even if he only has a cameo for 2.5 seconds, it would be worth it. It's not only his good looks, he just seems to have this swagger and I LOVE it. This man could be purple and I'd still go crazy over him. Do you see that body? Do you see those lips? He rocks my world.

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