Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wet Guy Michael Biserta

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  1. The underwear photos suggesting that he be a spokes model for the fabric and sewing machine manufacturers because self-righteous wingers would protest the pictures showing up in the usual places that underwear ads show up. I can already see the ad slogans:

    Our knit cotton is so strong it can withstand any amount of pressure.
    Our stitches won't split no matter what is trying to break out.

    But more seriously, stupid jealous hypocritical people really piss me off, I've had to deal with it quite a few times myself. I sympathize with all the "controversy" that has arisen. I know what it’s like to have bosses, coworkers and gym members over react to my junk.

    I once had a boss fire me the day after he saw me take a leak at a bar’s troth urinal. Though he said his reason was that I harassed his (smoking hot) assistant, because when she commented on how nice my slacks fit me, while staring at the crotch of my deeply, pleated, dark slacks, I got wood, at her desk, a week earlier; he rejected that it was fault. I know she didn't mind because she called me a few weeks later for a date.

    Another time, I was driven away from a job because of rumors that spread around work about what happened while I was getting a birthday stage lap dance (was going commando with very lose shorts), and how I went backstage with her. A few coworkers, who were not part of my 25th birthday party, were watching, as audience members.

    A few muscle bound meatheads have accused me of stuffing my shorts (usually with socks), while working out; some people laugh/chuckle at me, while others smirk at the meathead. I usually end up changing, showering, drying off next to or walking past the meathead naked, asking, "Has anyone seen my socks?" That always gets uproarious laughter. I know the following rumors will perpetuate the stupidity and spread the talk about my cock, specially if I've got a semi; but putting bullies in their place just feels so good.