Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Adam Senn

Born in Paris, France, on April 10, 1984, Adam Senn was raised in Bridge City, a township in the southeast corner of Texas, right up against the Lousiana boundary.

Six-foot-two and eyes of blue, Adam Senn is truly the ultimate skateboard kid. He talks in a low, quiet voice, filled with exclamations of "Dude!" and "Man!" and "Awesome!" But there's more to this new icon of indolence than meets the eye - a fire burning inside Adam Senn that puts the 'rock' in his board's cool 'roll'.

Easy going and devastatingly charming, Adam Senn is one of the latest and the hottest young stars that emerged in the fashion scenes in 2003. Largely due to his exposure in the controversial Spring 2003 Gucci campaign, Adam Senn has become the latest bad boy in the fashion industry. Other campaigns and fashion editorial appearances under his belt, including Valentino, Boss, Italian Vogue, Maxim, Tetu and Dutch Men's Magazine, which all took place within one short year, well proves the high demand for his booty, and his rising to prominence in his profession.

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